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Motoko Kusanagi

7 April
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Intro here
I'm a big fan of Motoko Kusanagi (草薙素子) from Ghost in the Shell.
Motoko is written with the same Kanji as 'element' or 'data'- follow the link for the meaning of Kusanagi.
Why am I a fan of her?
-She's talented, independent, reliable, fearless, skillful, strong and dedicated.

A little bit about this journal-

WARNING- I do have several strong beliefs:
1.) Abortion on Demand without Apology is a must for a free society where both sexes are equal. Men don't have to give up a kidney or pint of blood if they don't want to- even post-humorously, why should women be expected to give up their whole body for 9 months?
2.) Women are people too, we are, we have talents, flaws, hopes, dreams, fears same as men- the differences within each gender are greatly larger than the differences between the genders. I believe the government should be sex-blind in all matters, including marriage.
I am a lesbian although I prefer the term "sapphist" I was born this way, it is not of my choosing, but there's nothing wrong with it.
3.) The best policy it to assume people have good intentions- but never ignore their actions or the ability of their actions to cause harm - be on guard in general. You sleep better at night that way.
4.) I really could care less if someone online doesn't like me. Especially if that someone cannot argue without resorting to a fallacy. Better people than you have hated me, and I got over them.
5.) I believe God cannot be proven or disproven, I believe polytheism is as valid as anything. I believe that evolution does not contradict the Judeo-Christian faiths. I believe Intelligent Design is a bad theory- and would lead to a decrease in scientific inquiry.
6.) Science should be invested in, its returns will keep us alive longer, limit our damage to the environment, and make our lives more livable. I believe denial of science is fundamentalism’s biggest flaw. I also believe the majority of the population is grossly undereducated about biology.
7.) I believe that the government should be kept out of people's lives as much as possible. If I don't want to wear a seat belt, I believe the government should not interfere. (I actually always buckle-up) I believe the government has gotten to the point where it is no longer by us for us, it is made up of old-money politicians who deem the common-person unable to figure anything out for themselves.
8.) I believe nonviolence should be embraced but never forced. I believe war should always be avoiding baring an invasion, diplomacy and other methods that do not result in loss of human life should be employed until invasion.
9.) I'm anti-gun control. I feel that as long as my ownership of a firearm does not unwarranted harm to another it's none of the government's business. (the only warranted harm is done in cases of self-defense)
10.)I don't believe everyone should ever agree on everything
I'm fine with people who have different beliefs as long as they're not flaming trolls who use inflammatory language in comments trying to get a rise out of me. Friend me if you'd like, most likely I'll return the favor.

I'm hoping that my entries will not be centered around my personal life(frankly it's as boring as hell), but more around my interests, and the reviewing I do of research about various subjects.

Motoko Kusanagi is love

Ghost in the Shell:SAC is love

Sailor Saturn (manga) is love